Board Game Party in Hakata

Fri, 19 Apr 2019 19:00 - 22:00

Tokyu Dwell ARS Tenjin

Tokyu Dwell ARS Tenjin 406, 5-23-2, Watanabedori, Fukuoka Shi Chuo Ku, Fukuoka Ken, 810-0004, Japan


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General (Beginners are welcome too!)
Expert (People who explain the game at each table)



Minaswan, do you like boardgames?
Rubyists from all over the world are gathered for RubyKaigi in Hakata,
so, let's get to know each other with playing boardgames.

Board games

I'm going to bring followings from Minnano Wedding Board game Club.
- Criminal changes
- Insider
- Coyote
- How projects really work

At Tech Book Fest 6, I bought follows.
- Fat Project
- Programing Language Concentration

  • Bring-in OK

Ticket (20 people in total)

  • Expert (5 people)
    • People who explain the game at each table.
  • General (15 people)
    • Beginners are welcome too!


Please feel free to ask to me, @boardgamerb or @ken1flan .


There is a bus to the vicnity of the venue from Fukuoka Convention Center.

- 18:38 Fukuoka Convention Center
- Walk 8min
- 18:46 Chikkou Honmatchi
- Bus 63 For O-hashi station
- 18:55 Tenjin Minami
- Walk 1min
- 18:55 Tokyu Dwell ARS Tenjin 406

Food and drink

  • Please bring something you like. However, please avoid strong odors.
  • Alcohol are not allowed by the terms of the venue.
  • Tenjin underground town is near, you can shop there.

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ボードゲームもRubyのことも大好きな方! いっしょにボードゲームをやりましょう。

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